3 Things I learnt from one of my most favorite shows

Late post alert! I know it’s been some time, this had been lying in drafts for a year or so now.

There are takeaways, no matter what your situation is. Life goes on, and so do you.

Just jotting down the 3 biggest life lessons I learnt from one of my most favorite TV shows — Schitt’s Creek

  1. Good things take time.
    Six seasons, initially quite boring. I myself stopped watching the episodes for a while. But the show goes on to win multiple Emmy’s in 6th season. Overnight wonder you say?
  2. There are no happy endings, at least not how we perceive those. You would think, and hope that they get the empire they had lost back. And after a while it doesn’t even matter.
    You can’t change life, it is what it is.
  3. People will be people, with all their shortcomings.
    Moira is self-centered, Jocelyn is too weird, Alexis is too naive, Stevie is too practical, Twy is so selfless, Ted is too cute, Roland is too stupid, and Mr. Rose is just, too nice, so what?
    You can’t not love then and if you knew anyone of these in your personal life, I am sure you would have said at some point in time to each one of these in David Rose’s words— “I am continuously impressed by you”.

Bonus : If you ever have friends, they better be like Twy, or Stevie.

Disclaimer : Not that anyone should care — But this is the 2nd time I might have cried after watching a TV series (1st was Sherlock)



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Priyank Jha

Priyank Jha


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